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It's My Life....

Don't you forget

Yeah, so I have a name. What's it to you?
23 December
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Call me by my nicknames: Elly, Bubbles, Shana-chan, Shaina, Eclair....or any other one you can come up with.
If you can't tell by the colorbars, Tokyo Mew Mew/Mew Mew Power is love....especially Tarb and Kikki and Elliot. =)
Umm....what else....I love wearing army motif. It's a whole new me....well, not technically speaking. ;D
I made the Winx Club, heart, and color colorbars! I'm so proud of myself. If you click on it, it will bring you to my greatestjournal....which displays my graphics and any story-related things I feel like writing. ^-^
In a very awesome story, that will go on for a long time and never be written down, by my friend & I, I am with Branden Stieneckbert of The Used. Now here is Branden, all emo-ish.
The Hottness of Branden's Emoness. (hosted by photobucket)

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This egg hatches on January 7, 2006! Adopt one today!

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*gasp* OMG!! Look!! A Twizzler person!! They aren't a folk lore....anymore.
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Tokyo Mew Mew/Mew Mew Power is Love

Café Mew Mew is Love

Ichigo Momomiya/Zoey Hanson is Wild Mountain Cat Love

Minto Aizawa/Corina Bucksworth is Blue Lorikeet Love

Lettuce Midorikawa/Bridget Verdant is Black-Finned Porpoise Love

Pudding Fong/Kikki Benjamin is Tamarind Lion Monkey Love

Zakuro Fujiwara/Renée Roberts is Grey Wolf Love

Masha/Mini-Mew/R2000 is Love

Cyniclons/Aliens are Love

Taruto/Tarb is Love

Kish/Dren is Love

Pai/Sardon is Love

Ryo Shirogane/Elliot Grant is Love

Keiichiro Akasaka/Wesley Coolridge is Love

Colorbar Colors are Love

The Original Winx Club is Love

Rainbow Hearts are Love

The Many Faces of Taranee are Love

Evil Bloom is Evil Love

Griffin is Love

Lucy is Witchy Love

i'm in slytherin!

be sorted @ nimbo.net

Thank you so much for making this Matty-chan. I love it so much. *hugs and kisses*

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