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Things that happened and stuff today.

Let's recap: I had a half day, I was late. [on half days, we have periods 2, 3, and 4]
Reason behind being late:
My mom took me (and sister, Alyssa) to the ATM to get money so I could buy my winter semi ticket. Then she took Alyssa and me to Dunkin Donuts....where my mom got a latte, my sister a bagel & OJ, and me a Dunkachino. When we were driving out of the parking lot, a van was trying to come in. The woman in the van took a wide turn and hit the Caddy. [Caddy = mom's car] My mother talked with the woman for about 15 min or a little less. We drove down the street (literally) to get me to school. I was about 5-7 min late for school.

Rest of the school day:
When I went into RHS*, the guy writing down who was late told me I had to finish my Dunkachino before going to class. >=| Then a couple minutes later he took down my name and said just finish that up and get going to class....and when I left, with my Dunkachino, he didn't say anything. =/ What a strange guy....first telling me to finish it and then letting me go....
Anyways, I went to my locker. I put my jacket in and got my spanish stuff. I went to history [period 2, but 1 for the day] and just walked in, my teacher not saying a thing about me being late (such as asking why) or saying a thing about my Dunkachino. Near the end of class, my two friends (Anothony and Nick) asked me for some of my Dunkachino....*psh* I wouldn't give either of them any. =P {raspberries to them) I did end up giving a little to my friend Liz....who I've known for practically my whole life.
I finished off my Dunkachino a few minutes into spanish [period 3, but 2 for the day]. My friend Mike asked me if it was hot cocoa, but I told him it was a Dunkachino and he thought I'd be crazier than normal....but I wasn't.
I asked him why he wasn't in and he said he was sick....but he bought his ticket to the drama guild's preformance of 'A Christmas Carol' so I was happy. I told him because of a video of a show (Wolrds Apart) my history teacher made us watch, I became vegetarian....I wonder how long it will last.
Spanish was boring, so Mike and me just talked for the whole hour of spanish. Then, I went to english and he was suppposed to be going to writing process, but he walked to the second floor with me and I told him he was supposed to be going to writing process and he got freaked....but when we both had first lunch, he told me he was going to writing process, so he shouldn't have freaked.
English [period 4, but 3 for the day] was the same old stuff. Everyone did the daily sentence corrections in their binder and then two people did them on the white board. Anthony did number 1 and I did number 2....and we are normally the two people that do them anyways, so it didn't make much of an impact. After that, we took some more notes about Elizabthan & Jacobian stuff. Last, we read Act I, Scene I of Julius Caesar by Shakespeare.
The classes I had were History, taught by Mr. Fergus; Spanish, taught by Mrs. White, who prefers Profesor Marion or Profe.; and English, taught by Ms. Yutkins.

School was normal....eventually I'm going to get really bored it put up my school schedule, so I wouldn't be surprised if I did that Saturday or Sunday. Tomorrow I'm going to go see the RHS drama guild's prefermance of 'A Christmas Carol' and I'm going with Mike....and my friend Richard, maybe my friend Sam [aka Sammi-nic aka Sammy] too. So, I might update how that was tomorrow....I know that two of my friends are going to be extras. :D

Things I may do when I'm bored:
[o1] Type out my whole school schedule.
[o2] Type out a list of all my friends.
[o3] Type out a list of movies I like.
[o4] Type out my made-up planets, moons, and sun....with description.
[o5] Type out the profiles of my made-up characters for the planets I made-up.

Nothing more to say, so I'm going to say (well, type) a few more words: Bye byes.

♥♥♥ Shana-chan ♥♥♥
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